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Hi everyone! Which train would you like to see next in the CITY Trains theme? I'm a fan of the cargo trains because of their multifunctionality and playability, but there are also great passenger and panoramic trains out there just waiting to be built in LEGOs.

The CSX Loco


The Norfolk Southern Loco


Glacier Express train


The Rocky Mountainer


These are my likes. Which ones are yours?

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  Here is a graph I made for myself. The 12/31/14 end dates aren't actual, that is just what I plug into current sets.    

As far as I can tell, here are the "rules" for modern Lego Trains:   There will be two motorized play sets in production at any given time: one introductory and one advanced. For the past

We had the freight train, the steam locomotive and the modern express. Now what we need is a crappy rundown eastern european passenger train from the 70-80s. A new track piece is needed which makes th

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CSX or Norfolk Southern. Don't have a preferance really. Any real life train would be grand!

Steam engines are always 'classy'.

Here's the train I want to see:


I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I just knew someone was gonna make that referance!
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Guest ph4tb0i

Shinkansen/Acela Express (though I doubt it since Lego's done the TGV for the high speed passenger train already).


I'm a big fan of modern high speed trains. 

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A Train featuring KISS: Ace Frehley - Gene xD Simmons - Paul Stanley - Peter Criss - Eric Carr - Tommy Thayer - Eric Singer - Vinnie Vincent and Mark St. John.  Each train car could represent a different era in KISSTORY with extra cars to be sold separate from the original set.   What other band has been around almost 40 years and sold as many albums?

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