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21102 - Minecraft Micro World: The Forest

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I know a lot of people call Minecraft a fad, but it is only a fad if you call Batman a fad too.  It will rise and fall in popularity, but my older kids and their friends hook up weekly to play, and ha

I think a lot of people have piles of the first Minecraft set, 21102. Maybe it's just my speculation, I sort of feel that it's likely to hit the end... It has been oos and 'will be shipped

Sort of on topic, Minecraft seems like the only sets I've seen were resellers (SOME. CERTAINLY not all. Just a few bad apples...) actually actually are unethical. Just look at in on Amazon (at least);

I noticed my local Barnes and Noble had a few of these left and had thought you couldn't find these anymore, so I bought a few.


Given I'm newer to investing I was hoping for some advice.


Is this set still worth investing into for the holiday selling time or do you guys think it's been around too long now?

There's a few left out there and they are very tough to find now. B&****** is about the only place you can run across them. They already sell above retail and the set is desirable as it's what started it all. Sets of 4 already sell in the 180 range. If you find 21105 and 21106 out there i would get those 2 as well. You can find 21107 easily compared to the first 3 so that one can be purchased at a later date if you go the set route.

To put it in perspective when B&****** had them on sale for $23 in Dec i was able to get 35 21102 but only 5 each of 21105 and 21106. So i wouldn't pass those 2 up if you see them.

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I've only found the 21102 and not 21105/21106.  I will probably jump on those at retail price if I can find them so I can sell a set during Christmas.  I haven't priced it out well enough but seems the sets do rather well instead of alone.


Would you guys recommend going for a set or just try to resell them solo when the time comes?

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I agree the sets are nice, but don't bust your butt trying to put together a set if you don't have one.  Lots of people sell incomplete sets for same reason (to save on free shipping).  21105 and 21106 sometimes show up on Amazon, or Amazon warehouse (make sure not to choose a repackaged one).  A lot people won't care if packaging on a 21106 is a little dinged up, but still sealed.

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One of my local stores has around 20 sets of 21102 and 21107 for $19.99 each. I bought a few for myself but now I'm wondering if these would be good sellers later this year. Any thoughts? They seem to only be selling for retail or less on eBay currently.


I've been pushing the micro world sets pretty hard but i'll pitch it once more. I'd buy as many 21102 for $19.99 a piece that i could find. Also 21107 will be a solid flip this xmas imo but currently its still sold by amazon and a couple other retailers so that one is more of a gamble. But minecraft is gold and these sets are just about done. Buy them all!

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