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I don't think you have to rush to get Diagon Alley. I think it will still be available after the rest of the Harry Potter line is gone.

A helpful LEGO customer services person told me Diagon Alley would be finished by Christmas, no plans to continue it into the new year (ie 2013). Interestingly he said that Fire station 10197 would be continued next year. Perhaps this is the Death Star of the modular buildings? ie good price and popular enough to keep on the shelves.

Update - I called a few weeks later and spoke to someone else about EOL and he told me that they are not allowed to tell customers this information. So it depends on who you speak to.

I think the Harry Potter sets are making their slow trek to retirement. It looks like LEGO, Amazon and the rest are starting to discount some of the lesser HP sets. The 10217 Diagon Alley will be one of those sets you'd wished you bought, but didn't. That set should see some nice gains in the near future IMO.

I have been watching these HP sets from the fence, but I think I might jump in on Diagon Alley and some of the other sets that I've managed to find over here. I found Hagrid's Hut and Freeing Dobby along with the newer ones like the Knight Bus.

I am not a big Harry Potter fan. As a matter of fact, I never saw an entire movie. What I do know is that Harry Potter LEGO sets will do well in the secondary market.
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'Pirates of the Carribean' is discontinued. What you see online is just leftover stock. Besides, those sets weren't all that great. The ship's and some of the minifigs (Davy Jones' crew & the pirate zombies come to mind) were cool, but overall the sets themselves felt somewhat lacking. The 'Harry Potter' theme is so at the end of its rope. The sets in the last series just proves it. The 'Knight Bus' is a slight redesign of the earlier one in 2004, 'Quidditch Match' is just 'Quidditch Practice' from 2002 with more figs & some odd bits, 'Hogwarts' (4867) is just the bridge at the front of Hogwarts Castle (why couldn't they call it something like 'Hogwarts Bridge' instead of just 'Hogwarts', it's bloody confusing), and this is the third time they've redesigned 'Hagrid's Hut' (and it looks exactly like the one before it!). The only thing going for this theme is it's namesake anymore. I will say this much, anybody who has the original 'Hogwarts Castle' (4709) or 'Hogwarts Express' (4708) from the 1st series in mint brand-spankin'-new condition is gonna make ALOT of money a few years down the road! (They're already going good now, but just wait until the entire theme is retired, you'll see!) On a side note, I wonder how much longer the 'Cars' series will run? I'm not saying it's going to end soon (could have another year), just a random thought.

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Well I just went to my local Lego store and I was talking to a few of the associates there. We got into a conversation about the following sets:

-Maersk Train Set:They had none there and they said that they were not receiving anymore stock. They recommended that I get them while I still can.

-Star Wars Imperial Shuttle:They also did not have that in stock and said that it was also done. They were told that they stopped receiving inventory at the end of August. I went and bought one since I've actually wanted one for awhile, but never pulled the trigger until now

-Fire Brigade:They haven't had any indication that this will be discountinued and were surprised it hasn't been

-Grand Emporium:Also, did not receive indication that this will be discountinued, though they have seen a huge spike of sales recently. They thought that the Fire Brigade would be discontinued before the Grand Emporium

-Shuttle Expedition:Strangely, they told me that this may be discountinued soon. I don't know if this is true?

I was thinking of purchasing the Grand Emporium, but the associate was telling me that the Fire Brigade would be more likely to be discountinued. I was torn, so I bought neither.

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