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31120 - Medieval Castle


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  • Alpinemaps changed the title to 31120 - Medieval Castle

Castles are pretty much the only thing I keep on permanent display (such as Vader's Castle, Disney Castle, and Tower of Orthanc). Not long ago, son was asking about why I liked the castles so much so I googled some Lego medieval sets from my childhood for him. Pure nostalgia just thinking about those old sets.

I been wanting a new set like this since I left the dark ages. Pretty good chance I'll buy three so I can set up all the models at once. It'll go nicely next to the 31109 pirate ship. Might even break my rule about buying a creator set at full price. Might...

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4 hours ago, bonusbrick said:

Pretty good chance I'll buy three so I can set up all the models at once.

Here is a Grand Version that only takes 2 copies and looks more proper. 


 31120 MOD Version Three by R Y

Original eurobricks thread.




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2 hours ago, BricksBrotha said:

Interesting write up especially how the base of the build 2 of 3 doesn’t work as that was my plan. I guess 1 set is tiny when you look at his MOD 2 set version compared to Disney Castle. 


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On 7/9/2021 at 10:28 AM, dennugsmello said:

Love this set. Will be a great birthday present for my oldest son. The castle looks great, and the tower build is the giant cherry on top. 

I finished bag 6 of 7 still not sure what I will do next with my second set either the tower build or this MOC from rebrickable that uses 2 sets and has 250 pieces left.  I think this set should have 2 more black night minifigs with beefed up armour and a mace, perhaps a horse as well. 3 Minifigures for $100 is kinda weak especially since 1 is just a blacksmith.  70404 also $100 back in 2013 had 7 Minifigures better armour and weapons and also had a horse. I just think if you are giving this as a playset 3 figs is not enough. No issues with the build it is pretty straightforward and no stickers is always a bonus. 




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