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May the 4th Be With You 2021


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so they already have queuing running in the usa.  interesting

is anyone actually going to the store to get the free gwp and free poly or just buying online and skipping the poly ?

I'd rather get things in the store but concerned that by the time I am at the store most things will sell out and then go home and buy mid day tomorrow online and most things online I could have bought at midnight are now sold out

the old circular conundrum

lol anyone have any thoughts of value ?


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12:01 404 error

12:06 multiple tries to get to the site, was successful but got the waiting list page, then the screen went blank, several 505 errors, a blank screen.

got back in at 12:08, selected R2 but the bag said 0. hit it again, was successful.

checkout process had serious lag but waited it out.

Order was accepted.

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Ya, not much on the buy for investment list, but as a fan I bought a final Duel so I could get a GWP. I had heard no vip coin drop tonight so wasn't too worried about LEGO site issues.                    It Worked as glitchy but successful as usual.

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50 minutes ago, fourkidsbuilding said:

Well, spent more than I thought I was...noticed the star destroyer was back in stock so pulled the trigger on that for the personal collection. 

Me too. It’s been out of stock for a while now. I’m assuming it will be around for a while longer, but who knows these days? Wanted to make sure and get one. With my luck this is probably the best “sale” I’m going to get on this set.

Of course, I was also one of the lucky “super-awesome-once-in-a-lifetime-buy-it-now-or-you’ll-regret-it-forever Black VIP Card” early adopters for the UCS MilF, so the rest of you folks will probably get the UCS ISD for about 65% off within the next month or so. 😂

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