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76161 - 1989 Batwing

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4 hours ago, raindog said:

WTF is going on at Amazon?  Are they not allowing 3rd Party sellers sell the Batwing before February?  You can't tell me that no one is sending it in for FBA or that at least a few sellers aren't qualified to self-fulfill during Q4.



Could it be that Lego requests this from Amazon?

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9 hours ago, redcell said:

This happens every year...Amazon gates certain sets around the holidays, but the gates are not universally applied.  There are a bunch of sets that I'm gated on that other people I know aren't...it's just par for the course.

I've been selling on Amazon since 2007 and am rarely gated on LEGO.  This is new to me.  I understand that those that haven't had x amount of sales are blocked from home fulfillment at this time of year but I have NEVER seen a set that couldn't be sold at all during the Q4 hot period.

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9 hours ago, shagmoz said:

Could it be that Lego requests this from Amazon?

That would make no sense.  They are sold out in their stores.  Requesting that a certain set not be sold means that the retailer will not be ordering from them until after the window opens again.

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