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LEGO Star Wars May the Fourth, 2020 edition.

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11 minutes ago, CsabaLazlo said:

Issue is, the GWP is also really crappy. It's been panned on all of the YouTube channels I've seen review it so this seems to be the consensus opinion. I certainly wouldn't want it in my own collection.

I don't like the A-Wing its stubby.  The whole scene looks plain. 

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I can't deny that Lego can and will make this set available again down the road, but that doesn't rule out the concept of low numbers on the secondary market in the near future.  The market will be relatively flooded at least the first three months, but beyond that I would think that we could see lower numbers than the Hoth or Endor sets from last year.  

I agree that this set is not as desirable as the Hoth or Endor sets, but it's still an OT set, and I don't know that we can underestimate the compulsion of collectors that will want the entire line of these microbuilds.  I think it's a given that they will eventually do an ANH set, and it wouldn't totally shock me if they did sets based on other movies, like the PT or perhaps Rogue One.  Heck, the battle of Crait could look cool in a set like this.  Maybe they'd even do a Clone Wars set?  I just think that Lego is gonna keep going back to the well with this design, and the longer the run goes, the more sought after the older sets become. 

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22 minutes ago, Captain_chaos said:

I just went to order the A-Wing (as we have a 20% CB deal today only) but the GWP does not add to basket, or appear to be mentioned when looking at the May 4th offer details on site. Seems like it may have run out already...

Still shows up here.

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I decided to buy the Tantive IV today (despite having 10198 already) as the combo of double VIP, the mini build, £25 in VIP vouchers to redeem, and (pending) 8% cashback is a decent enough combination. Irritatingly, I've since found that there is also a mystery gift promo when paying with Paypal (not sure if this is also available in the USA). 

You're right though, it's pretty poor to have no discounts on sets people actually want.

Who is 8% cash back today?
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