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2019: Too Soon for a look Back Thread?: favorites

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Most memorable build:  Building 60052 train with my daughter
Best for resell Deals: LM2 Brickheadz (can't get much better than 4-5x buy in after 3 month hold), 21146 Minecraft Skeleton attack(at even just 20% off this has done great fast). Bought a used collection of old castle and pirate sets for $900 and flipped for about $2700.
Best Personal Collection Deals: Disney Train
BEST Damn Set 2019 (purchased): Haven't built any sets that were released this year
Biggest LEGO Fiasco 2019: employee discount code orders canceled and Lego keeping my funds locked up for 2 weeks after.
Deal that Got Away: wish I would have gotten more of the 10257 carousels at the $130 price from Amazon back in September. Not sure if it counts, but didn't have good enough connection to get one of the treasury coins.
Most Regretful Purchases: All the clearance Elves 41188s I bought last Jan (even at 70% off this set was horrible)
Still waiting on for right price Roller Coaster

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