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Knight Kingdom Big Store Display


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Hello everyone,

I am new here, so I'll start with a bit of backstory.  Back in the day, I was a ravenous LEGO fan, and now I am starting to resurrect all the sets I've kept to give to my daughter.  

One that's really too big to give her is a large store display for Knights Kingdom from the now defunct Toys 'R Us.  I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it, maybe a rarity level or even a price.  I can obviously look at each set individually, but I couldn't find a similar store display for Knight's Kingdom or even one with a similar display box style (with the large lego block theme).  Its completely intact, and even still plays all the back-story about this genre when you press the button.  I took some of the cardboard, plastic and plexiglass panels off to start a mild cleaning, but they all are there and snap right back together, even the light works.

Includes sets: 65527,  8777, 8781, 8779 and 8730.

It's about 4'l x 16"d x 18"t.

I'd love to get some opinions on it!



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The old adage "It's worth what someone will pay for it." definitely applies to these displays. They're big which makes them hard to ship and also hard to display. Because of this, you would most likely need to sell it locally which limits your market and the value. I don't know what this would be worth, but I sold a Star Wars one years ago for $60. It took forever to find a buyer because I had to sell it locally. 

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