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Ideas #024: 21316 - The Flintstones


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If Barney doesnt have squatty legs...so help me. Also hope that we have a Dino figure, Bam-Bam holding a Turkey Leg, Great Gazoo. I wonder if this is a Car and Home combo.

EDIT: They move Barney in the CGI to always in the farthest seat from the shot. When they're leaving he could be sitting. Or maybe he has those new "Teenage" Legs first released in the HP CMF line.

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25 minutes ago, HappyHawkeye said:

given all of the pop-culture possibilities out there, this one seems an odd choice to me. 

Remember these are the same people who brought us Classic Batman, Angry Birds, and the Simpsons way after their prime.  Why bring newer popular themes like Pokemon when you can get cheap 50 year old IP? :drag:

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19 minutes ago, $20 on joe vs dan said:

seems to be a theme tailor made for Duplo...will Ideas do Duplo?

I am a fan of all cars so a Flinestones car would be a great addition to the collection...Jetsons can be next

Don't insult The Flintstones with your Duplo comment......bite your tongue!! Barney (the dinosaur) may be tailor made for Duplo.....but you leave Fred and Barney (Rubble) alone!!!

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Clarifying the Barney's......
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24 minutes ago, MrToes16 said:

Is it me or is that Betty Rubble looking a little too much like...


Yes, Betty wasn't husky and never should have been.

10 minutes ago, Dr Jedi said:

I really hope they include the kids and Dino in the set, but I've heard rumblings they've been left out.  

Dino should be in there, I sure hope so.

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39 minutes ago, nolanfan34 said:

Will be interesting to see how this one is received. My kids tried to watch a bit of it, I don't think it has aged super well. I do agree the house looks very cool. 

I'm actually watching through all the seasons again on Boomerang, yes, by myself. Get off my lawn!

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Guest TabbyBoy
25 minutes ago, warezz said:

Hmmm..... I have a feeling that the UK won't be seeing much of a discount and it could have a very long run. It could be one of those sets where I buy one at the beginning and many at the end.

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