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10246 - Detective's Office

How many 10246 Detective Offices do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many 10246 Detective Offices do you have?

    • 50 or more. I am the heir to Emazers.
    • 20-49
    • 10-19
    • 5-9
    • 2-4
    • 1 (for resale not personal build)
    • 1 (for personal build/undecided what to do with it)
    • None. I am Exciter1 and this set hasn´t been released in my location yet.

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Bag 1 x 4 Bag 2 x 4 Bag 3 x 5 Bag 4 x 5 ^^ Picture liberated from eurobricks

It's just now retiring which might explain investment performance.

That´s exactly why I am asking.

Posted Images

The Tyson's store has this box in the back. I saw it from a distance. Looks similar to the pet shop. Some orange brick bricks. Looks like a two shops with brick built signs.


Would love to believe this post. Just find it hard to believe since a photo has not yet surfaced, at least publicly.

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Is that two different bldgs on a single 32x32 plate? Having a hard time identifying one of the elements on the pool hall side but other than that looks legit and super cool! Will be adding this our town right away. So glad it is not a take on a police station and looks to me like this is the most AFOL oriented set yet. Love how eclectic it is put together, cannot wait to get a closer look.


Sorry for doubting you, followsclosely!

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I'm a little bit underwhelmed by this. For me it is a step backwards from Parisian Restaurant and also Palace Cinema. It looks a bit too generic for my taste, too Pet-Shoppy kind of normal.


On the one hand it would of course be difficult long-term to let every building in the line really stand out on its own making the modulars street more of a "freaky street" over time, because every house is something special (which is rather unrealistic - while the buildings themselves ARE meant to look realistic). On the other hand who really wants to have buildings that just look too normal getting an everyday (realistic) street?


I think from here it will become even more difficult for Lego to decide what to do next. Should the sets become even more extravagant or should they tone it down a bit - like they did with the Detective Agency? I can even imagine interest in general fading slowly - starting here.

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I love every new lego set I see, especially when it's a modular, so I like this one right now too but obviously I think that I'll mislike it in the next months...

It can't compare with the PR or the PC. It looks like an alternate version of the PS. Meh. It lacks charisma IMHO. The blue house is really disappointing.


The "POOL" letters are nice, and I wonder how is the inside of that modular. But really, the outside is not as good as I expected.


NB: it's 32 studs large

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