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Speed Champions 2019

Villager Chris

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On 6/10/2019 at 2:57 PM, Val-E said:

Oh come on, like there aren´t more cars they could do?

That was my immediate thought as well.  It looks identical to the green 911 Turbo 3.0 in 75888 in every way, including the stickers... and it's just in white.   Makes me wonder if they had another car in mind and something fell through.  Kind of like the re-release of the Taj Mahal.

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21 minutes ago, $20 on joe vs dan said:

oooh! "drive in Forza", currently only 3 Speed Champion cars were available...this suggests they will be adding more. The LEGO add-on could start growing and maybe become a stand-alone game w/ an entire LEGO world to crash thru 

I saw these at the Columbus Discovery Center a couple weeks ago.

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2 hours ago, Jimking23 said:

I’ve noticed around me, the four wide speed champions are getting hard to find in my local Walmarts & Targets. Still in stock at Lego and Amazon. I’m wondering if Lego is all about the 6 wide and the older championships will disappear sooner than later. 

It's definitely a better price point for them but there's normally a lull of inventory at this point of the year anyway.

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45 minutes ago, benjamin4172 said:

Are the smaller ones still a good investment, or the ones that just retired(75884,75885,75886....) -or just go with the new, larger ones?

may be just my region, but there were a boatload of the last small ones (Mustang, Scudadera (sp?), etc etc); the only one I would even consider for investment would be the F40. 

I personally like the wider dimension look and the subject matter were all great; but really no clue on how it will do...some purist don't seem to like that the larger scale does not fit Modular building and City scale.

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Yeah I really have to say Im no purist at all, but happen to build some Speed Champions (new and old ones) with my son..and I find the sizes of the newer ones really awkward, especially when a Minifig stands next to it, looks like a toddler...and of course I wonder why they didn´t change the size of the tires?!

But anyway I think the white Porsche and the F40 are nice builds on their own without the series..at least here in Germany

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