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Speed Champions 2019

Villager Chris

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21 minutes ago, CosmicSpeed said:

Well if the rumors are true, the Dodge and Mini sets will feature old and new models. That just leaves potentially 3 of the smaller sets. My guess is the Senna (Obviously), '19 Ferrari 488 Pista (But would settle for an older model like an F50...), Chevrolet (Mid Engine Corvette = Desireable but doubtful...maybe old Corvette?) Mini would be the Austin version and the new BMW DAKAR version, Dodge will probably be a Challenger set with old and new versions.

they could also surprise us all next season with some popular "antique" sport cars, like mid 50 - 60s.. or even the historic cars from the turn of the century - I would love that, pesonally. That would make a fantastic collectors' piece.. 

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I love nearly this whole line.  The larger sets I think you have to watch out for if you're reselling. 

As for sales, the most I've ever seen these sets go on sale for around me is 20% off.  And that is rare.  I don't know that it really matters though as the smaller sets sell for 2-3x rrp, so I don't think the buy-in is as critical for the small sets.  You might get a miss in one batch, but overall each year is a hit. 

If the new dodge set include a Dodge Daytona with the rear wing + Dodge Demon or Hellcat, or something similar, it'll be a huge hit.

Only thing I regret is not buying more of them the first year they came out.

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Guest TabbyBoy
9 minutes ago, inversion said:

Yes they do. But SC is a collection of many licenses, instead of a single specific one. Which means LEGO has many options and is not dependent on a single licensor.

Does anybody on here know if any licencing money changes hands or if the cars' manufacturers have free advertising instead? This could be why the VW T1 is hanging on for so long?

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Ok got my first shipment of the speed Champions and I just noticed the Ferrari 488 GT3 and the Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H both have Official Ferrari Stickers on the sides which includes a collectors #... I dont see this on any of the other cars. Is this just for Ferrari's only? And Does this mean im going to have to keep an Eye open for "Rare" number combinations just like in $ collecting.. ? 

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7 hours ago, Val-E said:

So I was right, it´s a  2018 Dodge Challenger vs 70´s Charger double pack.

I like that they went Challenger/Charger opposed to two of the same model. MOC's of the Super Bee, Daytona and Demon are sure to come. This would round out the American Big Three having respectable Speed Champion entries. Maybe we can see a proper BMW next year in 2020.

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