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TRU Bricktober Sets 2017

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I tried to find a good .gif for "selling out the back door", but most of the hits returned were of Farrah Abraham.  Not the back door I was looking for...

This is ravenb99 we're talking about here. Stores get stuff FROM him  

U need an override , a helpful person or the hxckid looks 

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6 hours ago, donbee said:

They all look new and unique to me.

I'll second that. Haven't looked closely, but all look unique to me. Then again, Ninjago constantly has new figures... every year ... a new Cole, Kai, Jay, etc... slightly different printing, accessories, etc.

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10 hours ago, CM4Sci said:

Not spend $50 and buy the minifig pack on its own for like $20 

Here in Europe we could simply order them online from the TRU website. Then it was €14,99 + €1,95 shipping for one set.

The Batman Movie minifigs sold out in just a few days and are doing quite well on the secondary market. The City, CMF and Ninjago minifigs were less popular, with the City minifigs the least popular. Last time I checked they were still available for purchase, even though the Bricktober event had already finished here.

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just curious, what overpriced TRU lego set is everyone buying to meet the $50 threshold?

I bought the Ninjago Fire Mech, which is on sale for $55. I used discounted TRU gift cards that I bought before I knew how much they mark up hard to find sets. I'm going to use the rest next week for a set that is still at MSRP.
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18 hours ago, CM4Sci said:

Not spend $50 and buy the minifig pack on its own for like $20 

ok, thanks. I thought you can only buy it off straight after promotion ends not when the promotion is still going on

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3 hours ago, exciter1 said:

This may have been answered, buuuuut, has anyone tried to buy LEGO Dimensions to qualify for the Bricktober set of the week?

I tried but was told dimensions fall into the category of pc games, not constructive set, so it was no go for me.

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