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Might this become the first DUPLO project to be made into an official Ideas set?

Frank Brickowski

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1 hour ago, Frank Brickowski said:

On its way to 100 supports, half of the distance is reached now - so "only" 49 more supporters are needed to reach the milestone of 100 and get 365 additional days.

The project is also being featured in this article now:

Who even reads that?

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On 8/31/2017 at 2:28 AM, Frank Brickowski said:

So if the parents and grandparents are the ones with the money and they are the ones to like a product - the set idea seems just perfect for making money. Isn't that what TLG is up to in the end?

Parents and grandparents aren't buying a $150 set for Timmy two year old who's just going to strew 150+ blocks all over the floor after the parent just spent 2 hours building it. I built a really elaborate castle and Dragon out of school for my kids when they were napping one time. In 10 minutes after they woke up, it was smashed and the parts all over the floor forgotten about.

Kids wanted themed duplo for the figures. You may have some few parents who think their toddler is a genius and deserve this set since it will teach them about government, but that's a small percentage of parents. Most will look at this and megabloks and just get what's cheaper.

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4 hours ago, Ed Mack said:

I never bought my son one Duplo set.  Just sayin'...

OK, then I can tell you: It's like I said - DUPLO sets aren't built by children, but by their parents. So it doesn't matter for the kids if the build is "complex" or not. They are interested in the play features and play value, and this DUPLO White House has a lot of both.

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