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How many sets is too many?

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I over compensate for a lack of childhood. My wife gave me two rules. The purchase can't mess with our daily finances and future needs and two it can't be in the house (we have a condo). As for how many, I've never counted, I stick to what I like (modulars, batman, etc) and sell everything else after two years max. Helps keep my life in balance   Good luck 

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53 minutes ago, jbacunn said:

I like the Diet Coke 12 packs under the living room table because that's where your supposed to store those right?

I think those are LGB train cars, just like the rest of them on/under that table......

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14 hours ago, Morko said:

The Chinese may copy but to me the value is in the originality, surely it's the collectors buying not the builders who may buy a cheaper version.

...The Chinese produce some great things, most of our products have some elements within them. However that said I would never buy Legos or alternatives.


There have always been quality fakes (minifigs, sticker sheets, etc), and high values tended to remain high regardless (high end collectors only want real LEGO).

While the timing of the new fakes of complete rare sets does coincide with the decline of LEGO in general, I don't believe it is a direct cause/effect.

Regardless, the timing (new fake company/high value decline) has created the appearance of a real problem being caused by the fakes, and a general acceptance (by the masses) of that being the reason for the recent decline.

At this point, that perception is a reality - there are enough scared investors/collectors of the high valued sets to impact valuations (and buying/selling habits), and the fakes are now adding to the decrease in values.

The fakes did not need to be a real concern (but they are now).

To the people who believe that getting rid of the fakes will make everything good again, it won't.

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