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May the Trivia be with U


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  1. LEGO officially recognizes Han's Hoth jacket as this color.
  2. How many minigures in the Ewok Village?
  3. Subtract the total number of pieces in the UCS Snowspeeder sets from the set numbers of the UCS Snowspeeder sets.
  4. Jedi Bob is exclusive to what set?
  5. One SW minifigure has a head that is used exclusively for only one character in the SW line, but is also exclusively used for one
    character in one other theme. Name the two characters that share this head.
  6. This human scale replica of a LEGO SW set holds the world record for largest LEGO set in the world.
    What set number is it, and how many bricks were used in it's construction?

20 minutes starts now, at 20 minutes past the hour.  You have until 40 minutes past the hour to answer these.  Most correct, then fastest time.  You are playing within your group to advance to the next round.

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3 minutes ago, Phil B said:

Clarifying question: For 3., when you say "pieces", do you include or exclude minifigs? Is it the box count or the BL count?


1 minute ago, thoroakenfelder said:

Does it include or exclude extra pieces?

You're not gonna win with this attitude ;) 

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2 minutes ago, thoroakenfelder said:

Does it include or exclude extra pieces?

Pieces as described on the front of the box.

Just now, Dlambert2004 said:

Since we backed up the first round 15 minutes, any chance we can do the same for rounds 2 and 3? I gotta pick up my daughter from school at 3.

Yes, we can do that.

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