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May the Trivia be with U


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We will running Brickpicker.com's May the 4th third Trivia contest on Thursday , May 4th . This year's version will be same as the Cyber Monday one; quick and compact. 



Rules are very simple

  • You will be on your own this time around. No teams. 
  • Number of participants will be limited to a max of 28 Brickpickers. Participants will be divided into a total of 4 group
  • All groups will be provided with 6 identical questions . Member with the highest points will advance to next round. faster time with be tie breaker.
  • All 6 questions will be posted at the same time .
  • Winner of group A plays Winner of group C : 3 questions (fastest time with the highest score advances)  
  • Winner of group B plays Winner of group D : 3 questions (fastest time with the highest score advances) 
  • Semifinalist winners play each other for the Trivia winner : 1 question fastest correct answer wins
  • Your first submission will be the final submission for the round
  • You will have 20 minutes to answer the questions in the first round. 10 minutes for second round and 5 minutes for final round  
  • Questions will be posted @ 2 pm EST (1st round), 3:15 pm EST (second round ), 3:45pm (third round) EST

Entry Deadline

May 3rd by 8 pm Est. 


Must be a Brickpicker.com member for at least 2 days at time of entry

1 entry per member

Limit of 28 members 


Posting the answer anywhere on the forums will lead to automatic disqualification

This is a fun event, so keep it clean and entertaining.  


1st : 50$ GC ( retailer of choice )

2nd : 25$ GC (retail of choice )

semifinalists : 10$ GC ( retailer of choice ) 


  • LordofLego
  • Val-E
  • PhilB
  • TANV
  • thoroakenfelder
  • Halfrig
  • Dlambert2004
  • Seapotato
  • TigerEyez
  • gregpj
  • Lego Rules 
  • Jaisonline


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Ive been around here for the last one I think but I didn't participate. can you please tell us what kind of questions will be there? Wanna c if I should sign up. Thanks.

Questions will be LEGO Star Wars related. You'll want to have knowledge of SW and SW LEGO. But the questions will all relate back to LEGO and SW.
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