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7 minutes ago, Jeff Mack said:

no.  Green = Good....Red = Bad, but i do know what you are saying.  I can make them yellow and purple if you want.

I take it you don't use Twitter, where green is retweet & red is like (heart). Still not sure why there's a dislike though. Seems kinda mean spirited to me.

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By the way, the down arrow could disappear and just go back to the like.  Whatever we were talking about yesterday made me just turn it on to show the feature was here.  I may turn it back that way a little later.  There are positives to it, some were mentioned here.  It is a way the community can police bad posts on their own.  I liked the idea that 'x' number of down votes hides the post.  Not sure how much it would really get used here.  99.9% of the time, everything is good.

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I think that the mob delete action might create more trouble than not.

In the past, whenever discussions have gotten heated, and posts start getting selectively deleted - it never goes over very well. So now if there are 2 camps of opinions, with the new ability to actively look to cancel off the other opinions posts, it could get messy.

An option to label a post as being inappropriate might be good (then after a certain number of them, a mod can review/delete if needed). 

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How about a "disapprove" button? Does that sound better?


I guess the down arrows are necessary if you didn't have mods. I think the mods are what keep the site safe and clean.


But I would like to be able to disagree with someone with out having to write an entire post.


How about a politely colored "disagree" button? No feelings hurt.


Is it a bug, or an I doing something wrong? Whenever I edit a post in the app, it always adds an extra line after every paragraph. Even ones not edited.

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33 minutes ago, Jeff Mack said:

I am not going to waste more time on it. People are too sensitive anymore to get a down vote.  If people post good stuff, no need to worry.  I liked it, but get tired of talking about it. More important things to work on.

Exactly.  The vote down option will  just end up causing more time to be allocated to it.  Similar to the other times it was implemented on your forum 

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