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Feature Idea: Lego Set Bag Detail DB


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I know there are videos of people unboxing sets, and some sets are easier than others to identify how many bags (like 3x bag 1's, and 2x bag 2's, ... 3x bag 14's), and that these bags are in a sub box, etc.  Anyway what about brick picker making a catalog of the sets, and as a community when we unbox any set that is not in this catalog take note of how many of each bag and take pictures of say all of the bag 1's and bag 2's, etc.?


 I have thought about doing this for some time heck whats another domain (when you already have 160, lol), and I already have servers in a colo. I know I started the writing the framework for this.  I would be happy to help and or donate some server resources (storage, bandwidth, etc.) to brickpicker, to house a lot of hi res pictures and that DB.

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I think the idea is interesting, provided it gives weights for each bag, and perhaps key pieces to be found in each bag (and for those with a ton of time, a list of all pieces in each bag :) ). So if you find a set bag in a thrift store, you can look it up by number and weight, and match the contents to the search results.

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I know there is that in a forum post, I did find that.  But exactly, selectable database.


Understand about opening good sets and seeing $$$ leaving.  I know I am starting to take detailed photos of each bag for every set, I open.  I haven't done the weight... BUT will start.  


I think some of the other information that would then be useful (if the supper OCD people start cataloging pieces per bag) you would know that if you have bags 1 - 2 on set A, you would also have the needed parts for the bags 2-3 on set B, or C.

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