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NEW BRICPICKER RAFFLE for St. Paul School (2016)

Ed Mack

BrickPicker Raffle Prize Poll  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. What type of prizes are you interested in for the 2016 BrickPicker Raffle for St. Paul School?

    • New LEGO sets
    • Retired LEGO sets
    • STAR WARS LEGO sets
    • Super Hero LEGO sets
    • Technic LEGO sets
    • Creator LEGO sets
    • A large lot of LEGO sets
    • Mystery sets
    • Electronic gadgets
    • Sports Memorabila
    • Jewelry or watches
    • Gift cards
    • Toys or collectibles

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I agree with the reasonable. I hope people will contribute even if a Grand Carousel or Green Grocer doesn't get included.

I'd like to see some smaller groups, say the most recent SW Microfighters series, or the newest set of Speed Champions.

I would be all for 4 or 5 groups of sets that are low cost. It spreads the winning out a bit.

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43 minutes ago, Lordoflego said:

I think we need to be reasonable here folks.

What really got the raffle going last year was the chance to win some sets that you might have missed out on. In that vein I provided my suggestions. I'm not saying: put a 10179 in there (or a comparable "golden" LEGO set). But it is true that to a lot of us who are in-touch with current deals the true appeal of the raffle prizes would be items that are no longer available at retail. What that is is of course up to those who donate the sets. I've given suggestions for items I'd love to see.

This doesn't mean there are no interesting pairings of relatively recent sets that people would like to win, and especially "collections" would be great, i.e. a Scooby Doo bundle, or a Speed Champions 1st wave bundle, or a JW bundle (though that RE starts becoming a "golden" set) ....

I'd think even a T1 or BWE or AROCS might get people bidding.

So yes, by all means be reasonable (Taj Mahal - out of the question, ditto for Grand Carousel or UCS MF). But one or more "grand" prizes of sets that have already appreciated will definitely pay back in terms of donations.

I'm sure Ed has the numbers on what kind of packages were the most lucrative last year. I'd say, mirror those.

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On 9/25/2016 at 9:20 AM, jaisonline said:

Hi Folks. 

I'll do the same as last year (copying Mos' original idea) to support the children of NJ's St. Paul School.  

For each "LIKE" THIS SPECIFIC post gets, I'll put $1 toward the raffle.

Image result for give me your likes

JA Is Online

Let's not forget this from first page.

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2 minutes ago, Ed Mack said:

In the way of new sets, what would people want.

Cars. E.g. Caterham, Beetle, perhaps combined with smaller sized cars from Speed Champions or City, or even a Technic car.

In the realm of expensive: Technic Porsche :)

If someone from the UK can help source one: 40197 Mosaic set

just to name a few.

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