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2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar 9509 @ $23.99

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Wow, sounds like I have some neighbors. I remember when Hypermart opened as well. I remember it being such a big deal and huge at the time. We moved away and when we moved back here, I went to the now Walmart and outside of the extra tall ceiling, it felt just like a regular Walmart.

Anyway, I saw SW calendars around town half price as well. I'll probably pick a few up, but to me, $25 is about the price they should have been. I would never buy these full price.

So you remember when the Fry's near the Hypermart was an Incredible Universe?

That whole area was nothing but fields when Hypermart went in about the same time as the Parks Mall.

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Haha, sounds like I shouldn't bother hitting any Walmart's in Dallas while I'm here for work this week! Guessing you guys have them cleaned out. :-)

You'd be surprised...it's been a few weeks since I've been through any in the area. Actually when I found that Fire Temple was the last time I think. I won't be home until Friday so you have a couple of days!

Also, there are often sets on clearance that I don't mess with so you can likely find something worthwhile.

Keep this in mind though, at least in the DFW area there is huge variance in clearance sections between WalMarts. One will have a really nice one and the next nearest one won't have anything to speak of...I prefer the ones where you walk in and there's a couple of aisles where it looks like a pack of dogs got into a fight. When they're all neat and orderly there seems to be less profit to be found....

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