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LEGO Dimensions


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"It seems as though Warner Bros and LEGO could well be bringing out their own toys-to-life title to compete against Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and amiibo. The game is rumoured to be in development at Travellers Tales and is due for release sometime later this year. LEGO is an extremely lucrative brand so this should provide some real competition to what

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We're pretty invested in the Skylanders franchise, and not really looking for another toys to life game, but I'm interested to see what they do.

Saw an advertisement for this the other day.



After seeing the ad for the above, I was kind of surprised Lego didn't offer something where you can scan minifigures into your Fusion games, or into a new game altogether.

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I wonder how well they'll do without using any of their current licenses? With Disney having infinity characters does anyone think they will get rights to use marvelbor star wars?

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Yes. I think Disney will pimp it's IP right out. They love Lego long time.

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looks like both the official twitter accounts for the Hobbit and LEGO movie are tweeting teasers.  some kind of announcement coming on thrusday.


we may see new life for the hobbit sets in the future.  certainly the license is not dead yet.

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LEGO posted another pic today in anticipation of the big news tomorrow now with Batman standing at a dimensional wormhole. Could these worlds meeting be a reveal for the LEGO Dimensions line, a new video game, or perhaps the unveiling of the Doctor Who set even? We shall see by the next day. I added the new Batman image in the main post of this topic (title will change after the reveal).

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