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$1000 Lego Lot - Buy or negotiate

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10 minutes ago, Elkkthunder said:

wonder why this person wanted out so fast? 

Whats in the lego sorting head?

He initially posted a death star. Upon talking to him, I asked if he had more since he mentioned his kids have moved to college and he is looking to sell them. I was little nervous when he said he knew what legos are worth. But I guess he really didn't know HOW MUCH they are worth. so when he sent pics of all built sets he was going to list, I asked him how much is he going to list all of them for. He said $150 to $200 (what he paid for ). I was like how much if I can get this today in a few hours. He was like $1200 and then talked him to $1000 as it will save him the trouble and no would give him $1000 cash in one go (Some in these forums would). But in reality people think $1000 for old legos! Sure!!. And then he said if you can meet me in 2 hours they are yours for $1000.

Lego head was a freebee and emplty as I asked him if I can have it.

Lesson learnt:

Always ask if there are other sets you are selling. Or What else do you have since you said your kids are done or moved on.

Rest all he had was tubs of legso, but I was not interested in them.

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10 hours ago, siddji said:

$800 later (that was my atm max) nothing I could do I ended up with all the sets . I was like $800 and that's all I can do due to actual limitation . 


After looking at used sales value on eBay these I think I can get double my investment :) .. But these are going in my room as part of my collection 


What Lego set did you sell today and for how much? this is the last comment in the thread


Yesterday I sold my son's old Legos collection to a guy on Craigslist for $800! My son just went off to college, so these old toys were just sitting around collecting dust. I initially just listed the Star Wars space base thing. The guy called me asking about it and asked if I had anymore and how much. I threw a crazy high number ($1200) so see if he would bite. He offered $1000 and I couldn't agree fast enough. We actually settled on $800 because he had some lame excuse about an atm limit or something. I didn't care because he gave me $800 for a bunch of old dusty plastic bricks! What a schmuck! Included in the sale was a hotel, a Star Wars space ship, the Star Wars base, an old car, and a few other odds and ends. $800!!!!   

What a schmuck ahahaha pretty sure it is the lot

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Guest brickcrazyhouse
3 hours ago, siddji said:

 I guess he really didn't know HOW MUCH they are worth.


3 hours ago, TargetZero said:

(actually Terrymc4677's quote)

I didn't care because he gave me $800 for a bunch of old dusty plastic bricks! What a schmuck!



I would've loved to be watching this transaction go down. 

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3 minutes ago, Zelgazra said:

I don't get it.... Why would anyone on here sell a Cafe Corner for $800, let alone the CC, GG, FB, DS, Tie..... Everyone here knows the values.... Who's the real schmuck in this scenario? hahah. Incredible deal. Just incredible. 

Folks, calm down. Terry was just being a prankster on the "What did you sell" thread. He's way too seasoned a reseller to not know the value of his sets. Plus, his dad still has all his sets :-p

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