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Long story short...BRICKPOINTS a simple way to reward BrickPicker members for your activity on the site. By doing simple things on the site, such a posting in the forums and blogs or even for just registering for the site, you obtain BrickPicker points. The first 100 BrickPicker members to 5000 points will receive one of three LEGO STAR WARS Brickmaster sets...20016, 20018 or 20021. Your choice. Get to 5000 and you can do it again if you want, and get another set in the process.

We will be adding other ways to obtain points, so keep an eye out for those additions. Also, if you have something interesting to say about LEGO investing/collecting and can write well, you might be interested in supplying BrickPicker.com with some Brickvesting Blog material or articles for the Evaluation Corner.

Jeff and I hope you enjoy this program. If you have any questions or comments, let us know...


Ed Mack

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Well done on designing brickpoints. It encourages community participation and blog/article writing.

Kudos to you guys for implementing it.

- kphamilton

Thanks...We try very hard to encourage forum participation. The site is still less than a year old and we are making nice progress. An active forum works well with a site like this. I love to see members posting deals, sales and information about collecting/investing.
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How much are each of these polybag awards worth?

Values according to Brickpicker data: 20016 ($12.61), 20018 ($13.95), and 20021 ($19.57). All of them are Star Wars. I believe they are each worth at least $12 a piece. Ed and Jeff can't make the prize too big, or else they would be left with nothing! They are basically giving away at least $500 to strangers since most of us have never actually met in person before.
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