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21030 - United States Capitol Building


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Guest TabbyBoy

I think they've done a much better job of this than Buckingham Palace. I can see the QFLLs doing well when Capitol sells out within a week. I have a stash of White Houses that I bought half price in Dallas so, I'll hang onto them for a while now.

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57 minutes ago, Crustybeaver said:

It's January, maybe a little early to be talking set of the year contender. That said the Capitol building is a mighty fine design.

Why, we've already seen 90% of the sets they are putting out this year. 

Other than a death star rehash, big ben, and hoth rebel base, it's getting a lot lighter on the amount of new sets to be revealed. 

Regardless, it's one of the best, if not the best architecture set made.  I personally rank Fallingwater and White House as my favorites, and I think this one beats both of those.  At 129.99 bucks, it will be easy to score this one around 90.00 over the year.  So, i'm psyched for this one, more than perhaps any other set at the moment. 

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Found it...

United States Capitol Building:


Perspective view of LEGO US Capitol Building model. (Photo from promobricks.de)


This is a really exciting model with proportions which look like they are very true to the real building.  The high level of detail is really appealing to me, although the over-reliance on part #4070 – 1×1 Brick w/ Headlight may make the build process very repetitive.


By my count, the base is 48 studs wide and 14 studs deep, with the bulk of the model about 6 bricks tall, and the tallest portion is around 17 bricks tall.  I think this will be the second largest set in the LEGO Architecture series, with around 1300 pieces and a price of 129.99$



For more detailed analysis, read the whole article I just posted at brickarchitect.com.


---Tom Alphin

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I'm thrilled with this set, especially as I love the real building. I am sure I will be wanting it in my own collection.

However, seeing available photos, I don't think the dome with a lantern is similar enough to the real one. And the dome is the most prominent part of this architectural composition. Hence, the designers should have tried better to catch the dome's essence, maybe even request for a new part, before bringing this to public.

I believe this could have been done in particular considering the scale of the set.

Anyway, looking forward to see this one in person and hopefully, change my current impression. :-)

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