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75828 - Ghostbusters Ecto-1 & Ecto-2


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24 minutes ago, jaisonline said:

i have a feeling fans will buy these car and use the Ideas minifigs w/ it or stay with the older set.  at least the GB HQ comes with all the original figs.

Prince of Persia and The Lone Ranger both had cool sets but the themes bombed when the films did.  Lets see if the film succeeds.


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7 minutes ago, jaisonline said:

The more pics I see, maybe this movie is a reboot of the cartoon and not the films? ;)





If you said that this pic is from remake of female version of 'the A-team', I'd believe you ;) looks like the A-team just broke out of jail with those jumpsuits and stripes...and it probably was Mrs. T that chewed through the bars

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29 minutes ago, glucapg said:


so there will be a differente Ecto-1 and a brand new Ecto-2

Will this affect the value of the Ecto1 in the secondary market when there will be a old Ecto1 eol and a new Ecto1 on the shelves? 

No, as the new Ecto-1 has women minifigs from the curent movie during the old Ecto-1 has the men minifigs from the old movie...

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