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75137 - Carbon-Freezing Chamber


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My concern with this set at the moment is that the Desert Skiff also has a Boba Fett, and it has a better Han. The playset itself isn't fantastic (too small), so it would have to be the Ugnaught bringing it up. Biths didn't do that for the Cantina, so I am not expecting much. I have just one tucked away, that I managed to get for £8.50.

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I have to say I really like this set. I've built one and have a few more stashed away. Nice mix of minifigures and the build is nice, great use of orange. I know it's flawed but I like it. The skiff isn't a. Ice looking vehicle (personal opinion) and you're paying £10 more for that set for similar minifigures.

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Was delighted to see this remade - it’s a really playable little set. Carbonite Han is always going to be a must-have for an OT completist.

I’ve got stacks of these and although I don’t expect untold riches from them, the figs alone will see it sail past my per-set buy-in.


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