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30 minutes ago, vasp said:

I have seen this often. My price is lower than MSRP and unpublished but other sellers at higher price published. This is for non WFS. Could never figure out what the reason was. The only inference I could make was maybe a pro seller badge makes a difference.

I wonder if the other seller edits the MSRP to be higher? I considered trying it but not sure that is a wise move.

For what it's worth I have a pro seller badge also, and even at $15 lower than my competitor I can't get my set listed. And today they unpublished even more. 

Open to any ideas to try, I have a lot of inventory already there and now it's locked up. Walmart is worse than amazon in this regard, they suppress you 100% and delist you. At least amazon just removes the buy box and thats it.

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