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2 hours ago, Kenxxx said:

I wonder if the Walmart "Marketplace" could back-fire on Walmart? When I search "Lego" in the toys category today, I get a page full of offers, including... a $171 Creative XXL Box, a $72 Vacation Getaway, a $290 Ferris Wheel, a “Reduced Price” $129 Destiny’s Bounty, a $47 Hulkbuster Smash, a $69 Large Creative Box 10698, a $180 High Speed Train, $83 Architecture New York City, $109 Santa’s Workshop, $110 Vader’s TIE vs A-wing, $45 Scooby Mystery Machine, $73 Avenger’s Tower, etc... a few dicsounts on the page, but a LOT of jacked up prices.  For the casual customer, it gives the first impression that Walmart has some expensive Legos... would make me inclined to say, "Well, I'll just have to shop on Amazon..."  They really should find a way to feature their own offers as the first several lines on the page... maybe put the Marketplace offers as a single line or two at the bottom, maybe even in a different font or color.

Walmart is useless at ecommerce. It is the reason they overpaid massively for Jet, to bring onboard that online marketing talent. Amazon is extremely smart and they know to hide the over-inflated third party prices (that is why they don't give the buy box when prices rise past a certain level). Walmart's customer service is piss poor, and I expect their third party merchants would offer the same. When Walmart goes the way of kodak, blockbuster, and sears I won't be complaining. Like all of those companies they realized too late that the market had changed and now they are scrambling. Once Amazon has built its own delivery transportaion network and offers 3 hour delivery on all of its catalog to 90% of the country (within 10 years) it is lights out for the walton family.

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