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Seasonal Sets 2016

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Between the Vampire, Pilgrim, and this workshop, LEGO has finally figured out ways to keep the resellers from arm sweeping those seasonal sets.   More for the general public.  BRAVO!!!

so where is the stem of the pumpkin he is sitting on?    

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I'll admit, I'm disappointed with the holiday sets for 2016.

Agree. After the vignettes, they're going to have a hard time matching, much less surpassing those.

I'll pick 'em if they make it to markdown otherwise I'll pass...

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12 minutes ago, justapilgrim said:

This is good......for those that loaded up on 2015 sets and didn't rush to QF their entire stash

You mean the entire year's worth of season sets... hmmm for Easter, 2016 will be a bunny? For Thanksgiving, it will be a Turkey? For Xmas, it will be a polar bear and a deer?

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I am gonna go on record here:

The vignettes are great. Some, of course, more than others. People love them. The price point is great. They're no brainers. Only problem is that investors like them too, so there will be competition. Other problem is that the price don't go down and production is limited, so it is harder to get them. Some will be even harder to get: Ginger Bread House. Everybody love it and want it. In my opinion, one of the best seasonal small set to come out, but we could only get it as a "freebie", so that limits it's potential.

Now, kids, here come the cute, innocuous sets! Don't underestimate the power of moms/aunts/grannys. The "creature" and cute sets are actually strong sellers. Here is the caveat though. The price appreciation will not be great, it will probably not raise much above MRSP ever, but because no one pays attention to them and they have a bigger production, they can be had on clearance for 50%-75% once in a while. If you catch them, load up on them and around Xmas time they will be selling like hotcakes. Why might you ask? Because Aunty Jen who's not involved into little Jimmy's life needs a gift for him at xmas time. She thinks it's cute and the price is right.

Now, when it comes to 2016 Valentine's day, the set will sell. Cheesier, the better. As an "investor", it may not be worth it unless you do find it at right price. It will sell for sure, but cost of acquisition is the main factor.

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