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Trade Forum Reopened


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The Brickpicker Trade forum has been re-opened. One of the things we were waiting for was the feedback app to become available again.  I was able to install it a few days ago.  This forum is for trades only.  Any type of selling needs to be done on Brick Classifieds.  All new trade listings will need to be approved.  A trade is basically a post that says  "I have a Ecto-1 and looking for a Research Institute" (generally something like that).  You have something and want something in return.  I highly recommend posting photos of the item you have to trade to show people what it is that you have.  It promotes safe trading and helps to answer questions about what you are offering. Once trades are completed, you can use the feedback system.  

The feedback form is quite simple:

  • Just search for the user that you completed the trade transaction with.  
  • Select whether you were the buyer or seller. 
  • Select Positive / Negative / Neutral
  • Leave a comment
  • Paste the url of the trade forum topic



As you build a feedback history, you will start to see the feedback in your profile area


Before anyone asks, I am sorry to report that feedback from the previous forum is indeed gone.  Too many differences between version 3.x and 4.x.    These topics will not show up in the "recent posts" widget on the homepage, but once it gets going, I hope to add a different recent trades widget to that sidebar.  I hope you find use for this section again, sorry for the delay, I was just waiting on some sort of a proper feedback system before making it available.

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I'm looking to trade some of those 99C dimensions packs. I'm interested in Krusty and it seems it's onky available in Texas. I have  Bart, Homer, Badcop, Cragger, and a small number of scooby sets. I'm interested for build so just the sealed bags would be enough, no boxes. I'm looking for 15-20 of them. PM if interested.

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