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Something a certain someone said to me the other day got me thinking perhaps we could use a topic for showcasing all the sorts of MOCs inspired by or based on the many architectural styles in the known world. Now this isn't meant just for builds similar to the official Architecture line but rather all of them regardless of scale. Honestly this thread sounds more like Tom Alphin's area of expertise (the author of The LEGO Architect). Anyway here are some fan designs I came across. There really are a lot of Modern houses out there. Ha.

Modern Town House

Modern Modular Furnished Beachfront House

Creator Modern House

Ishoj House

box N modular studio

The Cubic House

Build Your Dream Home - Modern Home

In celebration of HM69TH.  Ready for display.

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Instead of posting this in MOC highlights I feel like it's more appropriate to post it here ;-)

Some of these might not be "architecture" (at least one ;-) ) but I'll post it here anyhow as it belongs to my series ^.^


This time the topic is asian architecture.

I've found so many great MOCs that I cannot possibly post them all but I'll try to share some of the bests with you.


Let's start with the simpler but still beautiful ones and work our way up.


1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/15034180599/in/dateposted/

A very nice wooden gate by Kanji-Kanji-hiroshi (I cannot read the Kanji but the hiragana mean hiroshi ;-) ... so some japanese guy anyhow xD )

And an awesome cherry blossom tree!



2. Secondly we have a interior scene by "konze" https://www.flickr.com/photos/k0nze/7285602026

I like the simplicity of it.


3. Next we'll have a nice interior scene in some japanese teahouse by "gabriel" https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/page1

I really like the detailed and yet simple interior even though I feel that the floor of "konze"'s moc (number 2) is more realistic.

The exterior sure is an eyecatcher with the small cherry tree and the stonefloor. Also the bricktecture of the roof is great.


4. Last but certainly not least! I hope I can upload all of these picture ;-)

These are just some builds of Hung Andy https://www.flickr.com/photos/andybear0426/ who has built many great stunning MOCs. You should check out his flickr account!



Here are some details of the temple...

These are pieces of paper, small fortune telling papers normally.


Ringing the bell :-)


And I guess these are supposed to be small wooden plates (also fortune stuff)




Check out this awesome CRAB! restaurant. There's also a great interior.



I guess these are dumplings... anyhow very nice detailed building and interior!



Hope you enjoyed this asian architecture post :-)

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