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Lego buying and selling in the UK (and EU)

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Just managed to get a full box of the simpsons cmf for £60 in sainsburys. I love the looks you get at the tills.

This might be of interest to someone. TRU £10 voucher for every £40 spend in store. Could be useful if your after some CMF or buy 4 ectos get one free etc. Havnt really had a chance to have a proper l

Argos 342 a week today.

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Guest TabbyBoy


This "banned" member got the VIP email and successfully logged on this morning to order 1x Mini Cooper (for me) and 1x Brick Bounty (family Xmas present). I've already been offered £20 for the Gingerbread House when it arrives which I've accepted. I'm also pleased to say that my VIP points are intact so I'm spending the lot today! Funny how CS never contacted me. Of course, these items need to arrive first!

However, the "Sale" is a damp squib with meagre discounts and low limits - as expected!

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Guest TabbyBoy
54 minutes ago, valenciaeric said:

If I were you, I´d keep quiet till the delivery is despatched. Walls have ears in this place but that might be off topic.

Once/If delivery arrives and VIP points spent, I'm going to lie low for a few months. Not too bothered after that as Amazon has some cracking deals these days and most "Exclusives" are no longer exclusive. Either way, I'm not buying willynilly like I did when starting out.

BTW... It would be good to have that investing competition again but, exclude retired sets. We've learned a lot since the last one and it would be interest to see how much "the game has changed". Say it ran from 01JAN16 to 01JAN17?

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I´m going to take a look at setting one up over the Xmas holidays - I think it would be easier to focus on sets that retired in 2H 2015 just because otherwise there are so many references to manage it will be a nightmare.

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