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60097 - City Square


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I mentioned the bottom street UNDER the set - I would be happy to have some of them.


Ah ok, sorry for misunderstanding. LEGO calls these things playmats, 850929 for example. There were others but I don't think they are still in production. No idea though whether this particular one will be sold as well or just used for promo displays.

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Looks like I'll be selling our 8404 to pay for this.  I really don't see this as a competitor to 60026, but a companion.  City builders will like these to add buildings to their town.  I know I will.


It looks like not a ton of overlap between the two, so very complementary. I think these two plus a couple toy shops and bike shops would make a sweet non-modular layout.


Will this hurt the value of the lego grand opening sets? I've looked at them before but they were always a bit pricey to me and I couldn't justify the buy in - getting a Lego storefront solves that need for me.

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Is it just me, or does the "1932" brick/tile on the front seem out of place?? Especially with the big AC condenser on the roof..

I think the knight used is out of place compared to the updated Futuron guy beside him. LEGO should have picked a design more 'classic' of knighthood like a forestman over the same guys from a year ago.
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