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Lego Technic Race Truck Redo??? 42041 / 8041

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Well, Lego re-issued the set so I guess I re-issued the discussion. I guess i could have gone back further than I did in the forum posts to see if anyone else had started this topic, but apparently I cared about doing so as much as Lego cared about making a new number for the truck.

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I was shocked to see that technic #8041 from 2010 is being re-released in its exact form under the set #42041. They couldn't even print a new sticker sheet with different graphics for it? They both are #52 with what look like identical or nearly identical graphics.


I am not aware of this ever happening in the modern era or with a set larger than a few pieces.


I am wondering: Is this Lego testing the waters to see what kind of reaction they get? Can we expect to see re-releases of high-dollar, highly sought after sets such as Modulars, Creator, etc?


They could really hurt some collectors if this trend continues. If someone could buy a Cafe Corner or Carousel again brand new from Lego for a few hundred bucks, trust me the values of the originals will plummet. This set might not be the most sought after set of all time but the fact is it was retired and normally that would be the end of it.


Your thoughts?



If TLC recognizes that there's a marketplace for re-released stuff....why wouldn't they do it?  

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