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What is the one set you always wanted but never found?

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Perhaps a better title for this thread would be "what set did you always want but were never given."  It's easy to find sets, it's harder to find them at a price you're willing to pay :)

6276 Eldorado Fortress - I was lucky enough to get Black Seas Barracuda for Christmas, but I always wanted this set for my pirates to raid.  Never did get it, but I ended up buying it on ebay post dark ages.  Great set.

6987 Message Intercept Base - I received the 6954 Renegade set for my birthday one year, it was a complete surprise as I didn't know anything about Blacktron.  Back in those days if the set wasn't in one of the printed catalogs you happened to have it didn't exist.  I thought the color scheme and look of the ship was really cool.  I always wanted 6987 to go with it, but never had it.  I recently uncovered this set in a bulk lot that I bought, super excited to have it (check out the what set did you build thread for pictures).

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