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What is the one set you always wanted but never found?

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It took until Series 4 of the Minifigures line before any retailer around me started carrying them and even then only Target does for the most part. I can accept the fact of the first series being sold out like mad so I probably would not have had the chance to find those at all but there was no reason in not being stocked up with Series 2 & 3 when those were released. I know these aren't actually 'sets' but they are something I missed but since Series 7, I have managed to complete each collection so it's just one of those things you shrug off and life goes on.

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An unopened black seas barracuda. I wanted ot the year it came out and my parents never had enough money for it. As the years passed it always remained the one that got away. Well most got away as we were poor. If i can find am unopened one in good shape i will probably buy it and an opened one to build. UCS are cool but hold no nostalgia for me.

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There have been so many LEGO sets that I wanted to have when I was a kid... but actually I don't really regret to not have bought any.

It's a pity that I didn't get out of my dark ages earlier to buy the MF or the AT-AT UCS but still... I always wanted to have SW LEGO as a kid and here we go ;-)


There has been this one theme: LEGO Roboforce and I actually got one when I was a kid, still it was a pity that this was a U.S. only theme (I think... ).

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10210 Imperial Flagship. It went away just a little before I came out of my dark ages so I never got the chance to pick one up. Still hopeful that one will turn up in a bulk lot, I've found some very nice sets that way.

Exactly the same for me

I've seen it just once in a store: 410

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Anyone know of a source for the raw sail/cape fabric TLG uses?


Someone earlier this year scanned one of their sails and put it up here for everyone at BL.  I know I downloaded it.  They scanned just a sail, and a sail with some rulers on it to help with scale.


I'm attempting to piece together a GC, but I'm either going to just hit the fabric store for something that works, or I'm going to do something out of bricks.  Haven't figured that one out yet.

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