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My Sopwith and Town Hall arrived yesterday very well packed, in fact probably too well packed! Came with a mountain of air packets. Had a hell of a time finding somewhere to store it all haha.

Boxes do seem to be pretty old, but the wear isn't too bad. The seals codes aren't visible due to being worn out.

That's good to hear. I ordered a single sopwith and I have no problem with it being over packed. Especially after reading all the Walmart.com horror stories state side.
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Thanks for this thread. I just bought the last 4 Sopwith Camels on their site. I tried to buy 5, but was denied the 5th. I will pray they come in good condition. It is good to see a little diversity in our buying options creeping in to Canada. We have been quite limited until now.

I posted this pic in another thread but this is what my single sopwith was shipped in.


Cardboard paper, not even a box! You're getting 4 so hopefully a little more care will be given!

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10226 SC is back in stock...'limited quantities'


With import fees (from the Global Shipping Program) + shipping I think the cheapest to get in Canada is around $200 USD (except for that seller in Hungary) so getting them at MSRP seems like a slam dunk.


No guarantee they'll actually ship, but I just ordered two and hopefully they ship well (or at all)

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