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Wal-Mart's new online price matching policy 2014 - Select states


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It doesn't surprise me that people are dirt bags, it just surprises me that they brag about it.

I can tell from that guy's twitter feed that he is going places.

Walmart knows their clientele, they should have know something like this would happen.

I read:

'You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.'

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What Walmart (or any retail stores) should have done is there should be a cap with PM price difference. e.g. No more than 15% of the PM difference will be allowed or something like that.

Anyone in this world should know that PM a $400 PS4 with $90 doesn't make any sense.

You are assuming the cashiers can do arithmetic :)

The PM policy is kept simple to allow the lowest common denominators to participate ;)

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Folks like them ruin it for the rest of us .

And from that there is this. Basically Walmart narrowed their policy to nothing from third-party sellers so unless the item is "sold by Amazon", it won't work which is matching what Target has been doing. A little funny when Walmart should take some inspiration from Target. Anyway I agree with your statement. The few jackholes out there like this scammer mess up the system for the rest of us honest people.
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