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If you could only have one set to choose for the rest of the current year what would it be?

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Grand Carousel

this would have been my #1 choice for retail sets.   

the vw camper (10220) would be my 2nd choice with the eiffel tower (10181) next. 


no disrespect to 10179 perspective owners but it prob wouldn't crack by top 5 only because of the fragility of the set once built.  the set is just too large.  even without a clothing dry stand falling on it, side and bottom elements seem to always fall off due to the weight / size and i'm referring to the manual.  :read:    ...and don't even think about repositioning it.  it is awesome looking though.

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8461 Williams-F1-Team-Racer


8386 Ferrari-F1-Racer

I own the Ferrari, but in truth I'm not a Ferrari fan and would much rather have the Williams.

For investment I would have to say the UCS Falcon for the obvious ROI reasons.

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Although I have only seen it in pictures, there is something about the Giant Chess set that makes me want one. I doubt I will ever own one though as it is just crazy $$$$. For investment, I guess I am with others here regarding the Haunted House. When I first saw it in the catalog, I knew that I was looking at a classic. Big fan of the color green too. Probably why I like Unexpected Gathering as well!

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Both are really nice sets. I love the Yoda I have (scored in on Ebay used for 60$).


As for the Tower Bridge, my wife's downstairs theme is Cities are the world, so of course thats down there. Its quite the impressive set.

What's the upstairs theme?

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Black Seas Barracuda in a mint sealed box and one that is open to build. I have neen looking for one and they are all over 1k, much higher than bp value. None of them are in a mint box, maybe also a mint carribean clipper. Sorry that is three. For investment right now it would have to be SsD.

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I'm going to go old school and pick 6990 Monorail Transport System for my one set.  I have so many great memories that it would be hard for me to part with it.


For investment, the UCS Falcon would be the obvious answer but I think I'd rather have the 10210 Imperial Flagship.  This set is a beauty and I wish I had been out of my dark age when they were being sold so I could stock up.

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For me it's either 10030 ISD or 10179 Falcon. I think the Falcon is fantastic, but the ISD eeks ahead by just a hair. It has this sheer awesomeness to it when you're in its presence.


For those of you saying the Taj Mahal, that's great. I owned one before and was disappointed after I finished building it. Sure it holds the title of the biggest Lego set out there, but it didn't impress me after I was done. There's a lot of 1x1 pieces that add to the piece count, almost like the cheese slopes of the Tower Bridge. I actually like the Tower Bridge more than the Taj Mahal. 

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Well I think we or I did something similar but different a year or so ago and it seemed to stir a lot of interest and fun comments.


So thought I would give this a try -


If you can only buy one set and one copy of that set for the rest of the 2014 in each of these 3 categories which set would you get for:

- One set to keep and build or collect sealed mint?

- One set to flip and profit?

- One set for long term gain?


What say you?

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