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If you could only have one set to choose for the rest of the current year what would it be?

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Like the title says if you could only have one set for your personal collection what set would that be?

To make it fun let's also put in what one set would you hold for investment?

My choice for personal would be the Emerald Night steam Locomotive. Its my favorite set fun build, great detail, ILOVESTEAMTRAINS, awesome play, Super display piece.

My Investment choice is a hard one but I have a hunch about the Haunted House so that's my one choice.

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I have to admit owning the very first lego building blocks set would be really awesome. So much history when it was simple, build anything you want from these bricks not what's pictured let your imagination take control.

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I would say the Yoda UCS set, or Tower Bridge. I still aim to grab it to build before it retires!! I also really like the newer Clone Turbo Tank set that retired a few years ago.


Both are really nice sets. I love the Yoda I have (scored in on Ebay used for 60$).


As for the Tower Bridge, my wife's downstairs theme is Cities are the world, so of course thats down there. Its quite the impressive set.

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As much as I absolutely adore my SSD and my Dino Defense HQ set, It would have to be the Falcon 10179 - unfortunately I don't have one right now... yet.


My uncle has one and its the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

At least you get to look at it....Why cant I have a cool uncle? That has got to be the coolest Lego set ever!



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Guest brickcrazyhouse

personal -that I have- falcon 10179

               - don't have- ucs imperial shuttle


investment- cafe corner

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