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WWYR: 9 Sets of Mixels Series 1 vs 1 SSD 10221

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nah series 2 is easily available,  i just didn't stock much of it.  as for series one yeah its getting pretty hard to come by,  i usually pass when found in stores unless flain/teslo/ and other yellow guy are there,  i saw a fresh case of series one in ohio last week. filthy unkept backwoods walmarts.

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Just some quick math, for your consideration:


9 complete sets of Series 1 Mixels @ RRP of $4.99 = $404.19

1 SSD @ RRP = $399.95


Series 9 Mixels have been recently selling at $120.  9 sets at $120 = $1,080

SSD has been selling between $600 and $700 over the last week.


Short term, I'm declaring Mixels Series 1 to be the winner.


I'll revisit this as blog entry sometime down the line.  Maybe next summer?


Who knows what the long term future will hold?  But, interesting to consider that the SSD still has a way to before it has a similar return on your money.  I wonder if that will hold true 6 months from now.  1 year from now.

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I am prepared to eat those words.  Thank god, I didn't make some crazy statement like "I will eat my SSD if Mixels end up the better investment"....




Well, thankfully, you won't be smothering any BBQ sauce on an SSD anytime soon.


Who would have thought the words "Mixels have crossed the $1K mark before the SSD did" would come out of anyone's mouth?

I've clearly got material for a follow up article now.

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