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Which big Star Wars exclusive should I focus on now?


Star Wars Exlcusives  

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  1. 1. Which one is the best long term investment choice?

    • 75059 Sandcrawler
    • 10240 Red Five X-Wing
    • 10225 R2-D2
    • 10236 Ewok Village
    • Hold out for UCS Slave 1!
    • 10188 Death Star can still kick butt EOL!

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With SSD mostly dissappeared and DS maybe, finally going away soon, what big Star Wars exclusive would be best to put my long term money in?


75059  Sandcrawler- nice set, but mulitple renditions

10240 Red Five X-Wing- Also multiple renditions and probably more to come...

10225 R2-D2- been out a while but biggest set of one SW most beloved characters

10236 Ewok Village- Still newish but a beautiful set with tons of figs


UCS Slave 1?


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If you think the Death Star is indeed close to retiring, that would be the exact time to invest in those.

Over at the brickshow though, they claim to have heard from a 'reliable source' that it won't retire until the beginning of 2016.

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Well I can add Death Star to the poll if people think it's a viable choice up against the other sets.

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I'd go with R2 or the X-Wing

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i will go with R2-D2 rather than Red 5 X-wing :D 10240 :)


i just need 1 10240 and can have mutiple 9493 xwings :) i don't need multiple leaders unless i am staging multiple squadron of x-wings lol .. 


somehow i feel that 10240 is an expensive big brother of 9493... not much ....

not sure how big of a seller is this.. because target couldn't even unload this completely in that buy one get 40% off sale.. while tower of orthanic was sold out :)

i am assuming that at least in US this would be a stinker :) unless you get it for more than 30% OFF... 

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Like already mentioned, buy R2 and DS sets.

The other sets should be available for a while.

There had only been 1 Lego Sandcrawler (10144). before 75059. When you think it's near retirement, buy as many as you can. Orig Trilogy fans like myself go nutty over that vehicle. It's popularity among SW fans surprises most people. For some reason, people like me are still fascinated with Jawas even after nearly 4 decades. While not as popular as say the Falcon and X-Wing, it's a dark horse.

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Not UCS but 7965 Millenium Falcon has moved status to 'Call to check product availability' at the U.K. LEGO Shop at Home, it's almost certainly on it's way out and with no other decent size falcon available (yet) if it goes E.O.L. in the U.S. too it could be a real winner in the short term.


This is a great set that is still available for a decent discount if you shop around.  I'm taking a significant punt that by Christmas 2014 it'll only be available on Ebay via resellers with a 50-100% markup.


Otherwise.... R2 all the way...



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R2 is a great set. Fun to build and super easy to display given it's dimensions. It's one of those "to never be dismantled" sets in our house.


I'm of the diversification camp though... A couple DS can't hurt can it? Still, I voted for R2 as I think it's a winner.

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Lately I've been considering starting to stockpile ewok village. It has been out for almost one year now (released on 9/1/13), and is a beautiful set with lots of figs. My son has one in our personal collection. Everyone seems to be focusing on SSD, DS, and R2 (rightfully so), but I think EV has the chance to be a real moneymaker down the road. The question is, will it have an extended run like the Death Star, or possibly disappear before the new movies come out to make room for new sets related to the new movies. Does anyone know if Endor will be visited again in the new plot? I can't imagine it would be since the only reason to go there in the first place was to destroy the shield generator, which was accomplished.

I'd like to acquire at least 10-15 these. As of today, target appears to be the best option with the 5% redcard discount and a true limit of eight per order. Shop at home has a phantom limit of five, which may or may not include a one way ticket to Bansville, USA. The Mini Cooper poly promo appears to be over, and was replaced by a lousy Chima thingy. Triple VIP should be coming soon, with hopefully a better poly promo to go with it. I wish target would run their gift card promo again like they did when I bought a bunch of haunted houses.

Has anyone started to stockpile this set yet? If you were going to, what would be your choice to acquire them at a discounted price? Does anyone think this set could possibly be included in a Black Friday sale, seeing as it is a lego exclusive?

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The question is, will it have an extended run like the Death Star, or possibly disappear before the new movies come out to make room for new sets related to the new movies. 

Extended run? Probably not. Being around for at least another 2 years? Very likely, I would almost bet on it considering the lifetime of other good large sets.


And I tell this to everybody every time: LEGO won't clear out exclusives because of the new movies. What you can expect is that the NT and Rebels playsets will be replaced by those connected to Episode 7, but OT ones will stay and even new ones will come. Interest in the OT will also rise in the SW hype, LEGO would be stupid not to economize on that. In addition the few not-OT SW exclusives were flops. LEGO will release exclusives from the new movie if and only if it becomes a huge success, an instant classic. And it takes time to determine that, at least 2-3 years. If an EP7 exclusive were to be produced, the time for that would be the release of Episode 8, still with the assumption that EP 7 is a huge success and you can bet on it that LEGO will release only one to test the market, so don't count on OT exclusives disappearing then either. 

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