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Just Purchased My 50th Set!!!

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Hey folks,

Just thought I'd share a small milestone with everybody and let everyone know that I just purchased my 50th set.  I started this back in January of 2014 and I've enjoyed every moment of it.  Thought I'd share my inventory with you in order of what I first purchased so you can see my strategy/progression, some of the rookie mistakes I have made, possible feedback from all of you, and so the people that are even greener than me can learn from.  The only set I've purchased full price is the Architecture Studio.  The others I've been able to get for between 30-40% off.  Here they are:


70808-1: Super Cycle Chase     4


10225-1: R2-D2                      18


21017-1: Imperial Hotel             1


21010-1: Robie House               3


6862-2: Superman/Armor Lex     4


21050-1: Architecture Studio       1


21005-1: Fallingwater                 3


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Congrats on achieving 50 sets for your investment! I like how you tried to diversify across many different themes and different price ranges for the sets. My only comment is about your 18 10225 R2-D2s. I don't like that 36% of your investment is in the R2-D2. It is a really cool sets, but I'm not sure when it will retire, but from your post it seems like you got it at a substantial discount which is always good. IMO, I would try to reduce the number of R2-D2s to about 10.

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 I'm trying to keep a discipline of only building one set for every 50 sets I purchase.  Now I know there aren't any GE, Haunted Houses, etc. because most of these I picked up at B&N. 


So, you're the one who didn't leave behind any R2's for me in Columbus?  :pleasantry: Nice list and great start.

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I think the number of r2d2's you have are great. I wouldn't reduce it as they will be a great investment come eol. You can't get them discounted anymore so if you bought in low hold them and when the movie comes out next year this set will only go up up up!


Yeah I pulled the trigger on 19 R2's at one time because Brickset said that they were retired so I freaked out but as I'm learning to be a better brickpicker I realized that the R2's were only sold out at the time.  You learn and move on I guess.  I'm going to try and pick up a few more Olivia's House and start to pick up some dolphin cruisers.  Hopefully B&****** will have more exclusives by the holidays or I'll have to do some trading...And as far as me cleaning out the stock of R2's in Columbus, let me tell you, I went in to my local B&****** last year during their holiday bogo 50% sale and I was told by multiple B&****** employees that a couple guys just left and cleaned out all of the Ninjago's.  They also had a tax exempt number so they wouldn't have to pay any taxes.  That wouldn't happen to be anybody on here would it?  ;)

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Thanks for sharing LegoSteve and congrats on the half century!  It's always great to have insight into others strategy.


My small piece of constructive feedback would be I think it's too early to buy Benny's Spaceship.  Unless you are going to try and quick flip it in some sort of possible short term supply shortage scenario or maybe Xmas spike.  If you plan on buying heaps of them then yes, spreading purchases needs to be done from a logistical point of view (plus avoiding buying limits), but if you only need a handful you can wait until nearer the end of it's shelf life so you don't have capital tied up.

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Well done. Buying everything at 30/40% off is something I should have done when I started. So you are clever!


Keep the R2's... You will never know when they will be EOL. Especially if you got them cheap. It is a win win situation.


I agree with the others to ease on the just released sets. Only real limited sets like the Rover and possible the Exosuit can be good early buys/investments.


For the rest I can only share my knowledge arrising from experience and mistakes: diversify, concentrate mostly on bigger sets, buy them cheap only. 


Good luck on your next 50!

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