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Building 10194: Emerald Night


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10194 was released in April 2009 for $99.99. It remained available on lego.com and amazon until Oct / Nov 2011. The nearly 1,100 element set consists of 3 minifigures, an A3 Pacific inspired steam locomotive, a tender and a dining car.  It was also released with Power Functions and track (called K10194 Emerald Night Collection)



One of the earlier press releases can be found below.



I've been a Lego train fan only since late 2012 with my first Hogwarts Express 4841 (to run around the Christmas  tree) and 9467 The Ghost Train purchases.  I just missed buying the 10219 Maersk Train (later bought this MSIB).  The Toy Story Western (open) Train and Lone Ranger Constitution Train (MISBs) are also in my collection.  A MISB 10132 Motorized Hogwart Express was recently sold.  All my opened sets have been modified to work on 9V track.


After a year of hunting for a good deal, I finally was able to purchase set 10194 complete (w/o box) for well under the current brickpicker used value of $255.  As of last month, I've observed new 10194s selling for $310 to $375.



The brinklink inventory can be found at.  The average cost of bricklinking this set w/ used parts will cost around "1,082 Items in 189 Unique Lots totalling US $217.76" during the last 6 months.



A couple of elements are pretty pricey. 

- Tan Window 1 x 4 x 3 Train with Shutter Holes and Solid Studs on Ends run about $4.40 each (10 needed and are exclusive to this set)


- Dark Green Slope, Curved 2 x 4 x 2/3 No Studs without Bottom Tubes with Two Gold Stripes Pattern run about .60 each (18 needed. also exclusive to this set)



For detail pics of the box and manual (8 bags), please refer to this Eurobricks review...




Let the building begin.


Unused stickers will not be applied






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Awesome! That`s really not that expensive to do either, at around $220. Even with shipping. Wonderful set all around, it would be nice if Lego made more realistic models like this. Best of luck on the build, can`t wait to see it finished! 

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Love this. Can't wait to see more. I can see why this one is popular, it's a beauty.

I lucked out into having the tender and the dining car in bulk lot I bought (no engine). I'm missing just a couple of parts that I will have to BL. But it was to just put together even those two parts.

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Front and rear sets of wheels allow ample turning.


This train was really made to travel "full steam ahead" on Flex Track :) ( or 9V curves in my house).  The locomotive is fairly heavy.   I haven't tested this train in track yet.


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