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Biggest Losers - Class of 2014

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Ultra Agents......really? Interesting.


Yeah, I think the HQ will be in demand once gone, its the biggest set from the first wave and has gotten minimal discounts. Lego usually gives non-licensed themes atleast a couple years of production, if waves 2-4 are popular this might be sleeper gold in 2016/2017.

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I think from a kids perspective, Benny's spaceship is a major scene and iconic piece of the Lego movie. I can't tell you how many times my son's friends have eyed this ship when they spot it in the closet. I think this is one of the few Lego Movie sets that will do reasonably well because of recognition and minifigures.

Posting the title on Ebay though is going to be problematic!

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Hang on, I thought originally you said you bought them for half off but now it's 40% off. So which was it? :dontknow: Maybe I am just confused.

Maybe he got some with 50% off and because he thought it will be a big winner he pulled the trigger for some more with 30% off. :cheese: (just kidding)

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