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Number of sealed bags in each LEGO set

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This thread is to create a list of sealed plastic bags contained in each Lego set.  


In general I have taken this to mean the total number of sealed and numbered or un-numbered main bags. i.e. smaller bags within a main bag are not counted, just the main bags.  The bag containing the instructions and/or stickers should also not be included.  Loose parts like baseplates etc are also not included.  Basically if it's a Lego piece or part and is wrapped in a plastic bag it is counted as a bag for the purposes of this count.


This thread contains posts from people with further detail such as loose parts, instructions, bag numbering, etc.  Please search for the set # within this thread using the forum search function if you are seeking a detailed breakdown of set contents.


Here is the list in set # order so far.





All info gathered from prior Brickpicker forum threads and from the Brickset thread posted by gorbasho below.


More info can also be found in this thread linking to a video review site http://community.brickpicker.com/topic/9583-need-to-know-how-many-bags-are-in-a-specific-set/?hl=evantube (I haven't gone through any vids but if you do watch one please post the bag count below).


Feel free to post any info you have below and I'll incorporate into the list.

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Updated table
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OK.  Main post updated.  I have gone through the Brickset threads as well as doing a few searches on our own forums.  I haven't watched those Evantube videos or looked at any individual set reviews on sites like Eurobricks where you can often tell the bag numbers from photos.  Another source may be some of our own Brickpicker reviews if authors have included them there, so keep an eye out.


I'll update th thread as needs be with any more info people post.  Thanks all.

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Any preference at all on set sizes in general? I have done a ton of the smaller to medium sized sets and can recall a number of them. Well anyway, here is one set I just recently opened up four times so its contents are very confirmed. Haha.

79011 - Dol Guldur Ambush

  • 1 small bag
  • 1 medium bag (Inside: 1 tiny bag)
  • 1 instruction booklet
Total: 2 bags - unnumbered

I will try to make a point of writing a note about whatever set I open up at the moment and then post it here.

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Is this just an "out of curiosity" thing, or is there some purpose to it I am missing?  Just wondering.

Yes. Some people buy sets that are opened, but they supposedly have all the bags sealed and intact, and they are not sure how many bags they are supposed to have. This list will help those people if they are in this type of situation. I have used a similar list from Brickset.com when I didn't know how many bags were supposed be in a specific set.

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6869 Quinjet Arial Battle: 5 numbered bags

9476 Orc Forge: 3 numbered bags

41006 Downtown Bakery: 2 numbered bags, one baseplate

41015 Dolphin Cruiser: 5 numbered bags, 5 pieces of boat hull, 3 long grey pieces

79002 Attack of the Wargs: 3 numbered bags

79004 Barrel Escape: two numbered bags

79008 Pirate Ship Ambush: 6 numbered bags, 6 pieces of boat hull, 3 sails

79010 Goblin King Battle: 5 numbered bags, 1 Goblin King bag

79111 Constitution Train Chase: 6 numbered bags, 20 pieces of track (16 - curved, 4-straight)

I'll get to my MF and SW sets soon..

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