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Is this the new 10179/MF that's rumored for 2015?


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Hey Guys, 


Maybe you've seen this already but some kid won a Lego Star Wars room.  Most of the stuff in his room consists of custom large scale builds like trees and lampshades, but there is a UCS R2-D2, Ewok Village, and a Millennium Falcon on his wall.  The MF looks significantly larger than the current one, but smaller than the 10179.  Might Lego have taken the piece count from 10179 and applied it to a detailed interior?  The MF doesn't look nearly as epic as the 10179, but it does look big, and is possibly more in line with the Sandcrawler (i.e. not to mini fig scale but uses advanced building techniques/has playability)


Anyways, I took 2 screenshots and wanted to get everyone opinion on if this is an upcoming set?





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If anything, with all of those pieces at their disposal they could've built 10179, but they didnt... Maybe they were given special permission to use an upcoming design? Yes, it's not as big, but it very well could open up to a UCS style interior...

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I'm in the same dilemma. If i do buy one now and a new one comes out will I lose money? If a new one does come out that is just as good everybody will just stash it away for a few years hoping to gain the same profits.

Do you think lego will ever do another limited production run ( excluding technic)?

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I do not believe this is an upcoming set.


The room was designed and built by Brightbricks - a UK based company that does worldwide builds, and have Lego Certified Professionals (checkout their website).


They do some amazing stuff overall including some massive builds, including the 350,000 piece Durham Cathedral currently being built as a fundraising project for the Cathedral (I'm one of the volunteer builders).


I think this is just something they made up themselves to fit in with the bedroom theme.

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I was lucky enough to buy the MF 10179 last week, for a fair price.


I took the plunge regardless of the all the online rumours MF of the TLG re releasing the 10179. Due to the leaked appearance in new trilogy.


If it does happen, then most collectors will buy the new one, weather its going to the same build and piece count that is the real nagging question to be addressed.


I don't think a new set be it bigger or smaller will de value the iconic-ness of the 10179.


I never thought I'd get chance to own one, due to the inflated value of second hand sets and new sealed ones are just too expensive. I guess it's a sellers market.

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Guest TabbyBoy

It looks like a MOC to me.  I can imagine the apple-cart exploding and panic 10179 offloading (when I'll buy one!) if LEGO release an updated version of the UCS MF.  They're bound to know it's going to be a winner if they did.

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