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Agents 2.0 display for $125


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If you are interested in Agents, I'd go for it. It's an OK price but not great, I think, but as @rtisan pointed out, pictures would be a great help as displays can vary. As for myself, I probably wouldn't go for it at that price, just because I'm not terribly interested in the theme. You can't really do much with them besides move your hand across the sensor and activate the lights, and admire the piece of art that it truely is. If you aren't into that then I wouldn't buy it.


I think something you should keep in mind is that displays are "only worth what someone is willing to pay". If you are willing at $125, then go for it!

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I saw this on Craigslist earlier today. Here's a picture:



The seller's description:


"Lego Agents 2.0 Store Display. Includes the sets 8969, 8970, and 8971 glued together and bolted to the plastic display as original to 2009.

One minifig is dislodged, the outer case has scuffing and chips, and I'm not sure if the electricity works. Thought the kids would like it, but they wanted Legos they could actually break apart and play with."




I think that $125 is a good price if you want it for yourself, but for an investment, it's not in the best condition and it's not the best price. I can see it selling for around $150-$175, but after fees and shipping, you would have to get the set at a very good price to profit from it.

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